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****Hon'ble Justice S. Ravi Kumar has assumed charge as Chairperson, DRAT, Chennai w.e.f.09.03.2022 (FN)*

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As per Section.9 of The Recovery of Debts Due to banks and Financial Institutions Act, 1993, the Appellate Tribunal  shall consist of one person only  (referred to as Chairperson of the Appellate Tribunal), who is appointed by the Central Government.

Hon'ble Mr. Justice S. Ravi Kumar is the Chairperson of DRAT, Chennai.

Shri R. Sathyanarayanan is the Secretary/Registrar of DRAT, Chennai

Former Chairpersons who had served in DRAT, Chennai:

From its inception, DRAT, Chennai was headed by the following Chairpersons :

  1. (Retd.) Mr. Justice M.B. Vishwanath (19-12-1999 to 31-10-2001)

  2. (Retd.) Mr. Justice V.R.Datar (Addl. Charge)   (31-10-2001 to 14-02-2002)

  3. (Retd.) Mr. Late. Justice A. Subbulakshmy     (15-02-2002 to 08-06-2004)

  4. (Retd.) Mr. Justice Dr. Pratibha Upasani (Addl. Charge) (09-06-2004 to 14-04-2005)

  5. (Retd.) Mr. Justice K. Gnanaprakasam       (15.04.2005 to 30.06.2007)

  6. (Retd.) Mr. Justice T.V. Masilamani         (01.07.2007 to 29.05.2009)

  7. (Retd.) Mr. Justice Allah Raham (30.05.2009 to 20.12.2009)  (Addl. Charge)

  8. Dr. T. Ravi Shankar (21.12.2009 - 20.12.2014)

  9. (Retd.) Mr. Justice A. Arumughaswamy (Addl. Charge) (22.12.2014 - 25.03.2015)

  10. (Retd.) Dr. Justice K.G. Shankar (26.03.2015 - 18.12.2015)

  11. (Retd.) Mr. Justice Ranjit Singh (19.12.2015 - 04.04.2016)

  12. (Retd.) Mr. Justice Vishnu Kumar (Addl. charge) (05.04.2016 to 09.10.2016)

  13. (Retd.) Mr. Justice Tarun Kumar Kaushal (10.10.2016 to 08.10.2021)

  14. (Retd.) Mr. Justice S. Ravi Kumar (09.03.2022 to till date)