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Terms and Conditions of Security Services



 Terms and conditions for engaging Security Services


1.     The Agency shall render security services on round the clock basis to this Tribunal’s premises, initially for a period of one (1) year from the date of agreement finalized by this Tribunal.   The period of agreement may be extended from time to time subject to their satisfactory performance.


2.     It shall be the sole responsibility of the Agency to ensure that trained and competent staff are deployed to fulfil the obligations under the agreement and shall provide such staff at its own cost with uniforms and other Paraphernalia as may be considered necessary by this Tribunal from time to time.


3.     The Agency’s staff always be under the direct control and supervision of the Agency and the Agency shall be free to transfer and re-transfer its staff in accordance with the Agency’s needs and judgment after taking due consent from Client, provided always that the stipulated number of Staff to be deployed for fulfilment of the Agency’s obligations under the agreement is always maintained.  The Agency shall be solely responsible as regards the salaries and other service conditions and terms extended to its own staff and shall in that connection maintain requisite records and comply with all laws, enactments, rules, regulations and orders applicable to the staff by reason of their executing the Agency’s obligations under the agreement.


4.     The Security personnel of the Agency will guard the premises of this Tribunal to the best of their abilities.  They will exercise all care, caution and reasonable and prudent judgment while discharging their duties.


5.     The agency shall carry out its obligations under the agreement diligently and to the satisfaction of the Client.  The agency shall comply with the directions and instructions, which may be issued by this Tribunal to its officers from time to time and shall ensure that its staff also complies with the said directions and instruction.


6.     A copy of the signed bill to be sent to this Tribunal regarding timely disbursement of monthly wages and other statutory contributions to the security staff/ concerned organization.  There shall not be any revision of wages until the expiry of the present agreement.


7.     The payment shall be made through RTGS by Pay & Accounts Office (PAO), Nagpur on submission of bill by the Agency every month, which may take above 15-20 days from the date of the submission of the bills.  Bank details of the Agency to be provided at the time of entering into the agreement.


8.     If any act of the Agency or its personnel is found unsatisfactory during the course of the contract, the contract will be terminated without any notice or whatsoever and decision of the Tribunal is final.


9.     In case of theft, pilferage, damage to the property of this Tribunal, the Agency’s representatives shall be readily available to assist this Tribunal for the conduct of enquiry and provide assistance in the investigation/ Prevention and recovery of such acts of their etc. in tracing the accrued.


10. Maintenance of accounts:  Security Agency is required to maintain proper Account payment including all statutory benefits like EPF, ESI and Services Tax etc. being paid to the personnel/ organization concerned and should be produced on demand.